• This style is simple, with flat line furniture without massive pieces. Pieces are combination of comfortable sofas and armchairs in natural fabric in different of colours. Our idea is to design this type of interior as bright minimalistic  space. Materials are MDF, wood, stainless steel. All other decorative elements like lights and carpets are in same style. This is composed as most affordable furnishing, but if client have some special requests  it can be upgraded.

  • In this type of we suggest interior design that follow latest trends in design of furniture regarding shapes, materials and colours. Here is accent on one or two pieces ( sofa , armchair , chandelier..). all other element are corresponding with it.

  • Combination of classic and modern design and matching of some unusual pieces. Decoration like carpets and lights are very important to complete whole interior design.

  • This type of interior design is based upon order, balance, and perfect harmony. The colors that are used in classic interior design are often inspired by Mother Nature. Deep blues, browns, yellow, green, and earth tones such as terracotta. Materials are wood, glass or stone and as long as fabrics are concern we  may choose to use taffeta and silks along with cotton and linen. In addition to well known Italian manufactures we can offer handmade pieces of furniture or restored pieces.