About Company

The main activity of our company is interior design and construction. The company was founded in 2004, and in 10 years of operating in Montenegrin, Serbian and Russian market, we have completed a great number of architectural and interior design projects, and also constructed the majority of the interior design projects. Our office is situated in Budva, in the University building – “ Akademija Znanja“.
Team leaders are architect Bojana Markicevic Kotarac (Design and implementation) and architect Ivana Markicevic (Design and contact with clients).
For all operations in interior construction we hire our long term permanent associates. With most of them we have been cooperating for more the 5 years. In choosing our associates and manufactures we pay very close attention and insist that they have long term references and all the licenses and work permits in Montenegro.
When we are engaged in design and construction our company is taking care of all the transport, import, custom services, assembling and providing guarantee. We can provide all the interior works, from furniture and electrical equipment to decorative elements (textiles and rugs), even all small home decoration.

We cooperate with best known Italian brands like : ALF (+) DA FRE’, BONALDO, VIBIEFFE,SABA,LEMA, SELVA,RODA,FAST,FLOS, LUCE PLAN, TOM DIXON and many more. Direct cooperation with factories and their official representatives in Italy can provide best prices for our clients.   Other than that, we closely cooperate with manufacturers from the region and can offer some custom made furniture elements for very reasonable prices.

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